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Just As a Dog

Just as a dog

enjoys chewing a bone,

so I have grown tired

of being alone.

As a pear tree produces

pears and nothing else,

so I no longer love

being Aaron Belz,

though I'd never end

my life--no way.

I just have to learn

to file each day

under "seems like this

one went all right"

and, all by my lonesome,

enter the night.

I know it sounds grim,

but it's actually okay,

for just as Freddy Mercury

definitely was gay,

so I have taken

to passing the time

with little puppet shows

that sometimes rhyme

and rarely rely

on props or a stage.

One character erupts,

"Dr. Belz, you're a sage!"

while another bows

and worships me.

Suddenly they notice

something, turn, and flee.

What was it they noticed?

I can't even tell.

This might be a version

of loneliness hell;

for just as toads

croak only in the shade,

so I can't control

the puppets I made.